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domestic cleaning servicesEvery home needs cleaning on a regular basis. Here at our company we take that matter pretty seriously.

We deal with domestic cleaning in Hoxton. It’s our job to get residences spotless and to create a nice, inviting and healthy atmosphere for homeowners.

We therefore remove dirt and grime, mop floors, do some picking up and tidying, hoover, clean sanitary ware and much more in order to bring a house or flat to shine. It has to be said that we are open on the daily, weekends included. Plus, our telephone lines are open 24 hours a day.

Professional Domestic Cleaners Hoxton

Domestic Cleaning
Regular Cleaning£16/h
Weekly Cleaning£16/h
Monthly Cleaning£16/h
One Off Cleaning£16/h

The pricing of our domestic cleaning packages in Hoxton is very fair. As a whole, how much you will have to pay depends on what you want our maids to do for you, how many rooms you need covered and how often you need us around.

We will give you the best price quote.

Working with our teams, you’ll see that we are:

  • Very pedantic and spry
  • Always willing to have you covered
  • Responsible and attentive
  • Hard-working, licensed and trained
  • Friendly
  • Worthwhile

Our domestic cleaning service in Hoxton, N1 is top quality. We don’t just mop and dust, we’ve turned cleaning into art. We are very careful and precise.

We always create an individual plan so that we can stick with your specific needs and preferences. Some people want us to pay extra attention to their kitchen, whereas others just want a quick onceover of their living space.

Everybody is different and we have to be flexible to accommodate these needs. You can count on us. We assure you all your requests will be addressed in the blink of an eye but with precision.

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    icon_quote“Your company is the best choice I have ever made when it comes to booking a domestic cleaning service. Your maids do a great job mopping my floors, getting rid of dust, doing the washing up and decluttering. I can never thank them enough for their hard work. Please, say “hi” to them from me.” – Robert

    Home Cleaners N1

    domestic cleaning servicesWe are at your disposal and would be really happy to hear from you.

    Here is how you can get in touch with us: call us over the phone if you want to get things going faster; go for sending us a message if phone calls are just not your thing.

    We are available on both fronts. Just contact us. We’ll do the rest.

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