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What you can expect from our extensively trained team of professionals is immaculate one off cleaning service delivered in prompt and efficient manner. By staying close to our customers and listening carefully to their input and particular qualms we’ve managed to outstrip the competition and become your most favorite cleaning company which you can trust and rely on. one off cleaning services
We offer a range of cleaning options every each of which is designed to suit your particular cleaning need. Better still; the cleaning solutions can be customized so services are booked to satisfy your unique needs. We use our own specialist products and equipment bought from the best manufacturers to guarantee for high quality service.

In a word, we utilize top-of-the-range cleaning materials. We are also aware of the fact that a professional cleaning service may seem to some as a vagary. With the recent increase in demand such services have seen, it’s hardly the case. A slump in the prices has made the services affordable and we ourselves look for new ways to facilitate the ways our services reach our customers without burdening them financially.

Domestic Cleaning
Regular Cleaning£20/h
Weekly Cleaning£20/h
Monthly Cleaning£20/h
One Off Cleaning£21/h

What you can expect when we are done cleaning is an immaculate home. Everything from the ceilings to the floors and in-between will shine. Not only will we make your home shine and spotless, but we will also make it a hygienic and healthy place for you and your family to be and enjoy each other’s company any time of the day.

We know that a cleaning service may not be affordable to some, that’s why London Home Cleaning try to keep the prices as low as possible. We use various cleaning materials and methods that combine together well so we can perform more cleaning tasks without bringing along any special detergents or tools. What keeps our prices competitive, though, is our great deals on rubbish removal and combined booking – order two or three services and you get discounts.

one off cleaning services We also offer tailor-made packages (with the help of our staff and after inspecting your property to better decide on what you will need and what can be left out for a future cleaning) to best respond to your home’s unique needs. Plus, we offer estimations completely free of charge.
Our company has an ongoing policy to be environmentally friendly and resort only to cleaning techniques that are eco-friendly. All our materials are in accordance with the mandatory health standards. Your health and the cleanliness of your home are our priorities. Book us now and try our professional one off cleaning!

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