Domestic Cleaning NW2 Cricklewood

domestic cleaning servicesIf housework is a real pain for you, we suggest you take advantage of our offers. We run a domestic cleaning company in Cricklewood NW2, which has been available for many years now.

We tend to help citizens keep house and tackle common household chores. Our staff is absolutely adorable: we are all hard-working, dedicated, smiling and positive.

We have many skills and plenty of experience in this trade. Plus, we are at your disposal every day. Make sure to book a service if you need our help.

Regular Domestic Cleaning Cricklewood

We arrive on time. We know how much you value your timeline and we make sure to work fast but still we want to achieve maximum results, for which reason we need at least a couple of hours to get the job done.

Domestic Cleaning
Regular Cleaning£16/h
Weekly Cleaning£16/h
Monthly Cleaning£16/h
One Off Cleaning£16/h

Here is more information about our company:

  • We serve Cricklewood
  • We have special offers
  • We work during weekends
  • We provide flexible working hours

Our maids are disciplined and trustworthy. They go through background checks before they are hired and they also receive ongoing training. Every house cleaner comes with plenty of experience and enviable cleaning skills. We can help you with a lot of household chores, starting with dusting and washing the dishes. Without doubt we will help you to put your home in order.

icon_quoteYour maids have been of such a great help lately. They have been doing the housekeeping for me for months. It’s hard to describe how happy you are making me day by day. Your service is top-notch. Your cleaning is to a high standard. I’m very impressed.” – Kate

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    Professional Home Cleaners NW2

    All the clutter will be removed at your request and all beds will be maid. We will throw away all the rubbish and sweep and mop your hardwood floors. We will also wipe down kitchen islands and countertops, do the laundry, clean your living room and bathroom, vacuum around, remove dust.

    domestic cleaning servicesWe can do your housework as frequently as you want us to; for example, every Monday, once a month, twice a week, every other day, on Fridays and Sundays, etc. And yes, we operate during the weekend too. So no worries. Our cleaning program is customisable, meaning you choose what you want to include in your sessions. Besides we serve NW2 Cricklewood. We work dedicatedly and we provide timely cleaning sessions.

    Everything you need to know is that we are trustworthy and we are available to help you. Make sure to contact us.

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